Most Educated Cities in 2016

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200 Most Educated Cities in America

Huntsville ranked #1 in the state of Alabama and #29 in the nation on the list of the nation’s top 200 most educated cities of 2016. Read an excerpt from the article below, or find the full list and methodology here.

From education level, the rates of employment and poverty as well as the quality of schools and beyond, there are myriad important factors to consider determining the most educated cities in America. Seeking to capture these factors, we considered 17 data points from three sources and interviewed two experts. Below you will find our results, as well as a detailed methodology explaining how we arrived at them.

Here is how every city captured in our study ranks in the four categories of data that best helped us evaluate.

No two cities were created equal. With this fact in mind, let’s break down and explain how we ranked them in four key categories:

  • AttainmentThe percentage of 25-and-older population to reach a specific level of education (i.e. high school, college and beyond).
  • Education and Poverty: The percentage of the 25-and-older population whose poverty status is determined by a specific level of education.
  • School Quality: The ratings of primary and secondary schools as well as universities, according to two survey-based sources.
  • Education and Employment: The percentage of 25-and-older population who are employed, according to their specific level of education.

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