RCP Companies First Quarter Updates

It has been a busy first quarter at the RCP office.

Following 2017’s active year, our efforts to introduce new initiatives and programming has been even more proactive. Here’s a recap of a few highlights from the past three months:

Design Charrette Recap

Ideas From All Angles

In January, RCP hosted the first Design Charrette of the year. The intention was to gather a network of partners to provide ideas and direction on some of the key implementation components of MidCity. Lead by RCP and UDA, the three-day agenda included:

  • Refinement of the creative workplace components
  • Design of a permanent indoor/outdoor entertainment precinct
  • Development of an urban garden precinct with farm-to-table cafes and restaurants
  • Inclusion of an indoor performing arts venue and resource hub for regional musicians and music production

The meeting involved urban designers, city planners, music and art consultants, hospitality professionals, residential developers, retail advisors, and experts across their industries. Our discussions lead to testing ideas and setting the context for developing an effective coalition and business plan for public/private ventures to support the remarkable talent base in the region.

Within the coming weeks, we are releasing an announcement about how RCP is partnering with national, regional, and local entities to push this effort forward.


Dave & Buster’s Coming to MidCity

New-to-Market Regional Destination

Last month, RCP was pleased to announce the addition of Dave & Buster’s to the entertainment lineup at MidCity. The response from the regional community was incredible. One article reported the local impact, saying “Some said for them it’s a big deal because now they don’t have to travel. …Some people see it as more employment opportunities coming to the city.” The 26,500-square-foot eat, drink, & play destination is scheduled to start going verticle this summer and slated to open in July 2019.

Chef & Food Operator Partnership

Welcoming Southern Fried Hospitality

RCP is combining forces with Atlanta-based Chef Marc Taft and his Southern Fried Hospitality team to make MidCity and City Centre a whole lot tastier. Last week, the announcement of the partnership was released, followed by all positive feedback from the local community. Chef Taft and his team will start by curating 2-3 concepts for The Camp at MidCity. RCP and Southern Fried are looking forward to bringing out the foodies in Huntsville with a fresh new batch of chef-inspired restaurants.


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