With its high-impact facilities, connected spaces and inspired mixed-use dynamism, the places within MidCity are reflective of the spirit of Huntsville. In a region known for talent and opportunity, this one-of-a-kind, progressive and ultimately transformational project sets the stage for continued growth and innovation.

Beyond the public park, a grand event promenade transitions east through a series of tree-lined commercial avenues with niche shops, restaurants, and residential-above-retail apartments. The area is home to the boutique hotel, an additional outdoor performance venue, sidewalk cafes, a food hall, and restaurants offering true farm-to-table fare.

Just steps away is a large residential district delivering distinctive architecture and luxury amenities and to the northeast, MidCity offers a 200,000-square-foot constellation of high-tech office space as an ideal venue for research, development and creative enterprises.


MidCity Live will be a 25,000 sf acoustically superior and multi-purpose performing arts center with adjustable 500 – 1,500 capacity. The venue is in the early stages of design and will be incomparable to anything in the region.

Delivering diverse performance venues that attract A-list talent to the community is a key factor in building a sustainable music culture. MidCity Live is expected to cost approximately $8-10 Million, funded by a new RCP sponsored entity.

Under the guidance and leadership of recording industry veterans Codie G. of Slow Motion Soundz and Shawn Patrick, RCP’s Artist and Talent Development Director, The 7-2 (named for US Highway 72 that extends from Chattanooga to Memphis through Huntsville) will serve as the control center to promote and develop Huntsville’s music culture as well as function as a central rallying point to promote the music industry and the abundance of existing talent throughout the Tennessee Valley region.

As a talent incubator, The 7-2 encourages collaboration, education, and innovation through its evolving partnership with Muscle Shoals Music known for its tradition of unifying genres, connecting musicians and birthing new sounds. The incubator will include performance venues, rehearsal spaces, and recording studios as well as co-working spaces to identify, retain and develop talent, according to Codie G.

At the core of The 7-2 is an initiative called The MARS Project – Music and Arts Redefining Space. With a nod to Huntsville’s legacy of space exploration, the MARS program will connect music industry leaders, iconic brands, and artists with world-class facilities and venues at a central location in the Tennessee Valley region. The 7-2 will kick off this initiative when The Camp opens this summer.


Perhaps the nucleus of the entire MidCity Huntsville experience is The Point, a central gathering place and event lawn with pedestrian boulevards creating the main artery of retail, restaurants and event space. With fresh farm-to-table fare, enchanting sidewalk cafes, food hall, specialty shops and the boutique hotel, guests can experience everything at The Point.

Beyond the hand-crafted cuisine and niche stores, The Point connects the MidCity community through a series of festivals, seasonal markets, food tastings, local concerts and more.
Rendering of The Point at MidCity in Huntsville AL

AREA 120

Huntsville is home to smart companies and smart people, with a vibrant business environment that welcomes new ideas and rewards those who push the envelope. Area 120 speaks to the region’s talented engineers, inventors and creators with an astounding 200,000 square feet of innovative research, development and startup space, and will feature an Accelerator to nurture new companies and test new ideas.


Huntsville has garnered noteworthy recognition from publications such as Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Livability.com and Bloomberg Business as one of the nation’s top tech hubs and one of America’s top places to make a living, raise a family, and be inspired by innovation. Residents will have the option of more than 560 multi-family units sprinkled throughout the main space, providing an urban feel, distinctive architecture, modern amenities and a unique residence-over-retail experience.


With its high-impact facilities, innovative flair, and inspired mixed-use dynamism, MidCity reflects the spirit of Huntsville itself. As an attractive tourist location offering activities to fill the weekend or an extended stay, the boutique hotel brings 150 inviting rooms and promises a memorable experience.

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